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SolarWinds MSP goes through spin-off process

SolarWinds MSP recently got a new name, N-able.

Cristina De Luca -

June 18, 2021

Image from Tumisu by Pixabay

How risky is technology when it comes to your health data?

The Covid-19 pandemic has certainly accelerated the practice of telemedicine worldwide.

Cristina De Luca -

June 14, 2021

Bahnhof Data Centre, Sweden

Unusual data centers

In March 2021 OVH had one of its data centres in Strasbourg, France, destroyed by fire and another partially damaged, paralysing the services of more than 3 million websites, including go...

Cristina De Luca -

June 03, 2021

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Edge Computing in space: faster actions without ground interference

How to assess the state of health of a sick astronaut? How do you know if atmospheric and surface conditions on a planet present any danger to a crew on the verge of exploring the place?

Cristina De Luca -

May 24, 2021

Satellite in orbit over Earth

IoT use in healthcare grows but has some pitfalls

The future looks bright for the use of IoT in Healthcare. The global portable and remote patient monitoring market alone is expected to reach $43 billion by 2027.

Cristina De Luca -

May 21, 2021

10 essential network management, monitoring and security certifications

Network monitoring and security skills are in high demand among organizations. Having the right certificates can increase your employability in this industry.

Newsroom -

May 14, 2021

WiFi 802.11bf will act as a kind of distance and motion sensor

With people and object detection capabilities, a new version of the standard has the potential to replace sensors and monitoring cameras

Cristina De Luca -

May 05, 2021

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