Auvik versus Paessler PRTG

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September 14, 2022

Auvik and Paessler PRTG make market-leading solutions, so in this comparison review, we will discuss all the crucial aspects you should remember while selecting one.

A growing IT infrastructure represents a growing business, and better management becomes necessary with growth. Relying solely on your IT team to manage the ever-increasing infrastructure is inefficient. That’s why you need a tool for your growing IT monitoring needs.

Today tons of IT monitoring tools are available, and there is high competition in the market for such services. Thus, selecting one tool and letting go of the other options gets tricky. Choosing the right one among all the options is extremely important as it will affect the performance of your IT infrastructure and your experience in the long run.

Let’s see what value both of these bring for you and which one is the better choice.

Factors to consider when selecting your IT monitoring partner

Auvik and Paessler PRTG give each other tough competition with similarities in their services and experience. While comparing both of these, here are a few factors to check as a user to see what kind of experience you should expect from the tool you select:

1.    Feature Set – First of all, we will check the feature set and how well every feature performs. Comparing performance in every aspect is essential when you want the IT monitoring tool to meet your requirements perfectly.

2.    User-interface – We need to consider the user interface of both Auvik and Paessler PRTG. We need to see how well the UI/UX design works to ease your and your team’s experience. We also need to check the availability and performance of both tools on different platforms.

3.    Customer support – Next up is customer support, one of the vital qualities of Network Monitoring tools. Primarily your IT staff will coordinate with the customer support provided by the tool of your choice. Thus, it makes a necessary check.

4.    Pricing – Price can be the deal maker or the deal breaker for many businesses. It solely depends on the budget and requirements of your business. So, we will compare pricing plans of IT monitoring services provided by both these tools.

5.    Ease of Setup – Lastly, we will see how easy the tool is to set up. Different tools need different time and effort for deployment. Depending on your IT team and your time requirements, ease of setup is necessary. So, we will see which of these tools is easier to get started with.

Auvik vs Paessler PRTG: In-depth comparison

1.    Feature Set

Server Monitoring

●       Auvik

Server monitoring at Auvik takes care of all your servers on the network. It provides preference-based alerts along with traffic insights and network mapping. It does all of the monitoring work automatically, and there is no manual monitoring needed.

●       Paessler PRTG

Paessler PRTG helps you monitor all your servers with the server monitoring software. It monitors:

  • Mail servers
  • Web servers
  • Virtual servers
  • Servers and hosts
  • Database servers

Server monitoring is done 24/7 here and works even in distributed networks.

Bandwidth Monitoring

●       Auvik

Auvik does provide bandwidth monitoring, but it is only available if you get the Performance plan. In the bandwidth monitoring section, you can see which apps are consuming the bandwidth and which apps can cause slow network issues like bandwidth overload. With all the data you need, preventing overloads will be easier.

●       Paessler PRTG

Paessler PRTG brings bandwidth monitoring within its network monitoring tool. With bandwidth monitoring, your business can effectively prevent issues like bandwidth overload. Bandwidth monitoring here provides information in both visual and textual formats for better comprehension.


●       Auvik

Auvik provides real-time metrics about your infrastructure’s performance. It stores years of data for more straightforward analysis and planning. However, the way it presents data is not great. It also lacks scheduling features. So, much of the data in reports here is not so helpful.

●       Paessler PRTG

One of the best features here is how you can manage reports. It offers several templates for generating customized reports. With customizing, you can also schedule reports with team members. In this way, everyone will be alerted about any problem at the right moment.

Database Monitoring

●       Auvik

Auvik is a cloud-based software for network monitoring and management. It provides visibility over your network with significant control. However, it does not offer any network monitoring feature or service.

●       Paessler PRTG

Database monitoring at Paessler PRTG offers real-time reports while monitoring several databases simultaneously. It supports databases from manufacturers, including PostgreSQL, MySQL, Oracle, etc. Thus, almost every type of database deployed with your business infrastructure can be monitored here.

Network Performance

●       Auvik

Auvik comes with its topology map that shows the granular level of entering the network for easy problem tracking. Auvik provides in-depth details with its Trafficinsights software, a feature of NetFlow from Auvik.

●       Paessler PRTG

Network performance monitoring is available here with the SNMP polling. It brings several monitoring and support features into one application to enhance usability. You need not integrate any additional products to use this feature and find critical network performance issues. In terms of experience, the topology map is almost similar.

2.    User-interface

Moving towards the user interface, your team will use the network monitoring tool’s visual dashboard. UI/UX matters a lot here as these ease usage and increase efficiency.


Auvik dashboard user interface
Auvik dashboard user interface

When we take a look at Auvik’s interface, we do not get a lot of options. It only provides a web app. However, the dashboard is strategically designed with a navigation panel on the left. The interface provides all visual and text insights with easy tab switching for better monitoring.

Paessler PRTG

paessler prtg dashboard user interface
Paessler PRTG dashboard user interface

Paessler PRTG, on the other hand, offers a web interface, a desktop interface, and a mobile interface. The web interface brings the primary dashboard to use on any browser with the flexibility to configure different capabilities. The desktop interface helps monitor the on-premise infrastructure, including servers. Its mobile interface does not bring many features, but it keeps you up to date on the go.

According to user reviews on G2, Auvik scores 8.9/10 from 123 reviews, while Paessler PRTG scores 8.4/10 from 65 reviews only.

3.    Customer support

When it comes to customer support, you hardly find any details on websites, while sales contact details are prominently mentioned. The same is the case with Auvik. So, the experience here will not be pretty straightforward. However, it still offers a support login that only works for those who use the services.

On Paessler PRTG, you can access the community platform and get top-notch support. According to user reviews on G2, Auvik scores 9.2/10 from 104 reviews, while Paessler PRTG scores 8.4/10 from 48 reviews only.

4.    Pricing

Auvik and Paessler PRTG offer services according to the growing needs of your business. So, depending on the size of your company’s requirements, the prices may vary.


Moving to the pricing tab on Auvik’s website is a bit disappointing. It only shows how there are only two plans:

  1. Essential
  2. Performance

The website only shows the features and services provided for these two plans. To know about the price of their service, you have to share your details and get a custom quote. However, a benefit here is that it offers a 14-day free trial.

Paessler PRTG

Things are kept transparent and simple at Paessler PRTG. The pricing tab shows that the cheapest plan for 50 devices starts at $1799. When beginning with Paessler PRTG, you can enjoy a 30-days free trial.

5.    Ease of Setup

The setup experience is pretty much the same with both of these. From the installation wizards to the Getting Started Guide, you will be guided through the whole process by both. Even if you find any issues after you finish the initial setup, Auvik offers its guide with lots of troubleshooting questions, problems, and solutions. So does Paessler PRTG.

Auvik vs Paessler PRTG: which one of these is better for you?

Made it to the end? Great! While the competition was a little rough and tough between these two. Paessler PRTG makes a better option. Although Auvik also brings valuable experience with several plus points, Paessler PRTG still manages to steal the win with a better experience than Auvik in almost every aspect.

Whether you consider the uncomplicated and smooth onboarding process or the pricing factor, Paessler PRTG offers better services with a fantastic experience when you narrow it down to your requirements. With that said, the ultimate decision depends solely on your needs and preferences.

Remember to consider all the points we discussed here for a clear idea about the tool you select. To have a clearer picture of the platform you are choosing, it will be an excellent choice to consider user reviews available on third-party platforms across the internet.